Which Spider-Man Stories Should Become Movies?

The first four Spider-Man movies have utilized a number of classic Spider-Man stories: the origin (twice!), the black suit/Venom saga, the death of Captain Stacy, and even elements of stories about Peter’s parents. We know that the “Sinister Six” will be a big element of upcoming Spider-Man films and spin-offs from Sony. Still, that hardly taps out the reserves of great Spider-Man tales.

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-Foxtrot2460d ago

I honestly just watch see someone older play Spiderman, I want to get that feel of him questioning his responsibilities as he gets older and starts to become sick of playing the hero, wanting to settle down to a normal life.

Maybe a Spiderman who's battled most of the villains out there. I would love to see the first film focus on Venom, maybe hint at the beginning that Spiderman has just recently came back from fighting on Battleword (the "Secret War" comic storyline) where he accidentally brings the Symbiote back with him. So here we have a run down Spiderman who has lost his faith but after Venoms attacks, a new threat, it would re-spark that faith again, along with the help of Black Cat and show Peter how the city needs Spiderman. Throughout this film it would hint onto the fact the Green Goblin

I would like to see Mary Jane pregnant and in the end, to set up the sequel, it would end on a dark tone where her birth is stillborn (or is it) and it's revealed Alison Mongrain is behind it, serving the very much alive Norman Osborne. Post credits scene reveals the Venom Symbiote giving birth to Carnage.

The second film would focus on Spidermans revenge against the Green Goblin while at the end it's revealed his daughter is alive. Sub storyline would be the Carnage Symbiote making it's way to Cletus Kasady, which in the end bounds with him as Eddie Brock escapes from Prison.

The third film would then revolve around Carnage and Spiderman being over powered by him. He would then ask for Black Cat and Venoms help, this would show a turning point in Venoms character development and would lead onto a Venom film.

That would be my ideal trilogy.