First Trailer For The Flash Coming In Two Weeks


The CW's Arrow has taken fans by storm and in just two weeks we will have our first look at the spinoff sister show, The Flash! The broadcasters took to Facebook to confirm the first look at the show will land on May 15th!

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-Foxtrot2459d ago

Arrow is alright but this sounds pretty bad, Grant Gustin is not Barry Allen in the slightest. Not to mention the costume looks ridiculous Think Grant is way too young to play Barry.

Vames2458d ago

His age is fine. This is a TV series that could go on for years, thus they need someone with legs where age is concerned.

Also, explain to me how does it "sound pretty bad" because as far as I know, we know little of the plot, and we have yet to see it in action.

You complain about every little detail, and you don't think before you transform into an Internet politician who loves to babble nonsense on a regular basis. Please stop for the sake of the comments area, it is not viewed by just you alone lol.

-Foxtrot2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

Blah blah blah

You go on about my opinion but all your doing now along with the guy below is complaining. Your the worst type of peope on here....the hypocritesl.

Honestly at the end of the day what it comes down to is your p***** off that someone has voiced an opinion you don't like. I mean you've went on more about me then the article. It's pretty sad to be honest. If you get your panties in a twist everytime you see an opinion you dont like then please get off the internet.

Quagmire2458d ago

Dont worry about Foxtrot. Do what everyone else does and ignore him. He contributes nothing of value to the comment section aside from paragraphs and paragraphs of negative opinions.

I for one cant wait for the Trailer. I hope the show plays in between the Arrow season breaks.

XTGamers2458d ago

Jeez, people need to stop this BS, we have seen close to nothing of this new show, who are you to say it sounds pretty bad? Based on what, exactly?

Maybe Gustin won't do justice to the character, but at least he was pretty decent when he featured on Arrow. Also him being young is a plus in my opinion, and quite a good bet. I mean, Green Arrow may not be a necessary presence in the movies universe (although it is a mistake if they don't include him) but Flash certainly is, and by casting a young actor they secure the opportunity to follow the development of Barry Allen UNTIL HE IS BARRY ALLEN, the Flash everyone's used to.

Just calm the f*ck down and give it a try, it's no use thinking "oooh this is sooo bad, it will suck so baad". I agree the costume doesn't look very good, but hey, who knows, maybe in motion it will be better, and also, it's a freaking show, if it's popular it will spawn more seasons, who's to say they don't make changes to it. Be grateful we have something at all and stop whining.

Vames2458d ago

Agree with you here. We know nothing and have seen nothing of this show, so it surprises me how some people can come here and complain about how much the show is already terrible.

Vames2458d ago

But it is in my rights to criticize a comment I don't agree with. I'm sure you've rebuffed the comments of others before, so what's the problem?

If you get your panties in a twist everytime someone criticizes your comments, then please get off the internet. :D

Quagmire2458d ago

If you dont like the show, please do the world a favour and stop commenting on it.


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StarWarsFan2458d ago

I love Arrow, but this just doesn't seem too promising so far.

ironfist922458d ago

Will have to wait and see how the Pilot holds up. I have high hopes, but I think my main concern is not the story or characters which Arrow has shown to be successful, but more of the running and how believable it looks.

I dont want it to be cheesy.

DarkBlood2458d ago

Thats when the arrow finale happens. Cant wait to get a sneak peak at the trailer, should be good hopfully

Defectiv3_Detectiv32458d ago

I can't say I'm digging the costume, but I love the flash so I'll be there.

ironfist922458d ago

It could be a Flash 1.0 design. In arrow theyve shown to develop the costumes further on into the show.

So maybe he'll get skin-tights and bright red when he becomes more of a hero in the public eye.