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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is now in theaters, and this time around Marc Webb and his cast have produced a much more entertaining and enjoyable take on the iconic web slinger from NYC. The whole teen angst feel from the first Amazing Spider-Man film is completely gone, making the sequel feel more like an adult comic book movie, with a more mature story revolving around Peter’s inner conflict of being the city’s beacon of hope, as well as a twenty-something kid trying to balance his regular life, with his super life.

At its core there’s still a heavy love story between Peter and Gwen, but this time around it feels more genuine and real, which sets up for a few emotional scenes that hammer home Peter’s internal conflict, giving The Amazing Spider-Man 2 more character than its predecessor. With that being said, it still suffers from a few issues, namely Harry Osborn, but overall it packs an entertaining punch.

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Soldierone2458d ago

Thought it was great, but it had its core flaws. It was really a big teaser for whats to come, but the story it told had to be told in order for whats to come to happen.