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Matt Damon Laughs Off Justice League Rumor: 'I Just Dress Up as Robin'


Matt Damon has laughed off speculation that he will join friend Ben Affleck in the upcoming Justice League film.

Zack Snyder will follow up directing Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in the Batman vs Superman movie with a Justice League spinoff.

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krazykombatant1632d ago

Please don't even joke about this.......

Porcelain_Chicken1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Haha seeing Affleck aaaaaand Damon in the same time would really take you out of the scene.

If he really is in it as either Aquaman or Robin (Hope not), they should give both Affleck & Damon Boston accents.

Steh outta duh watha ya heeea? Aquaman, Matt Damon (2018).

Ah ehm vengeance, ah ehm duh Night! Ah ehm Betmen!! Batman, Affleck (2016).

konnerbllb1631d ago

This needs to happen. I think it would improve the movie.

Soldierone1632d ago

People are joking about it? So what he will be Superman now? lol