Box-Office Preview: 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Launches Summer With Expected $95 Million-Plus Debut


Sony's sequel reteams director Marc Webb with stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, and has already earned nearly $150 million overseas, where it began rolling out two weeks ago.

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Soldierone2450d ago

I was a bit worried.... not going to lie.

We went at prime time Friday expecting typical lines etc.... there were hardly 20 people in our theater and when we left nobody was in line at all. Crossing my fingers it was due to them having it playing it 8 different theaters so people didn't have to wait.

(We also saw it in 3D, perhaps that fad is over?)

StarWarsFan2449d ago

So the complaint is the glut of characters in this movie. You'd think they would have learned their lesson after Spider-Man 3. I'm not surprised this movie isn't amazing. I didn't think the first one under Marc Webb was spectacular either.

DarkBlood2449d ago

Eh itll do alright its spiderman beside the growing and/ adult population theres alot of kids out there this will pass that mark no questions asked