Robert Downey Jr. Posts Iron Man Mark 3 Armor


Robert Downey Jr. posted the following image of the Iron Man Mark 3 armor on his official Facebook page.

He added, "Soverign of the office."

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Crazay2451d ago

seems their site is down today. At any rate the image is posted to this article

DarkBlood2450d ago

Armour doesnt look that much different this time lol. Oh well likely wont be a focus of the movie anyways

ironfist922450d ago

Looks better than the overly yellow one in the third film.

Hergula2450d ago

Well... it is a minor teaser, but a teaser indeed.

cyclindk2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

I generally couldn't care less about celebrities, or "partying," but... would you rather have Robert Downey Jr. come to your house to party, or Robert Downey Jr. playing Tony Stark in an Iron Man suite come to your house to party?

The suit would dispense your choice of beverage.

Crazay2450d ago

It doesn't mater which RDJ shows up... It would be pretty sweet just to have RDJ there cause you know he has ALL the connections to be the best blow. =P