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Hulk Movie Coming After The Avengers 2 Says Lou Ferrigno Again


Lou Ferrigno recently revealed he was returning to voice the Hulk in The Avengers 2, and now once again he is stating a Hulk movie is to follow.

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Anthotis2456d ago


- Darth Sidious

Porcelain_Chicken2456d ago

Nice! But please no running from the evil military this time. Plz Marvel? There's about 52 years worth of Hulk comics. Find something else!! What's the Leader been doing since The Incredible Hulk?

HollowedSoul142456d ago

better be edward norton. and yeah what above said lol

etownone2456d ago

Really Ed Nortan?

No way... He did a great job in The Incredible Hulk, but the torch was passed (again)

Keep the same guy from Avengers 1&2

SouthClaw2456d ago

Norton is stuck up. He doesn't want to be typecast as a superhero... pathetic. Don't get me wrong he was really good but pathetic to drop your fans like that. I'm happy as they are now.

HollowedSoul142455d ago

yeah your probably right but i still want edward norton. bruce banner's actors are interchangeable because when people think about the hulk the first thing that comes to mind is a big indestructible green guy not bruce banner. if edward norton is happy to jump on board with hulk 2 and after obvious success of the avengers id be stoked.

also technically out of the 2 actors playing bruce banner ed is the only one to star in his own hulk movie. avenger's bruce banner isnt even proven to be able to produce on his own hence why edward norton could be pursued if hes more reasonable in negotiations this time(because marvel are cheap ), but as im writing this the fact that mark will have done 2 hulk appearances means sadly that its almost guaranteed that ed norton will never play bruce banner again. :( its too bad marvel is stingy when it comes to paying their established super hero actors. like every avenger actor/actress norton just wanted more money.

gabbboolo2456d ago

I don't think the military storyline is viable anymore due to hulk being a hero now. Maybe because of this general Ross goes rogue and becomes red hulk, maybe he teams up with the leader.

Belasco2456d ago

I would like to see the U-Foes introduced, they were always a pretty good match for the Hulk.