How I Met Your Mother Leaves Out Crucial Scene

If you’re one of those lucky people who hasn’t seen the How I Met Your Mother series finale yet, be warned that there are spoilers ahead. If you want to ruin it for yourself, keep on reading.

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-Foxtrot2408d ago

Kind of feel sorry a little for Cristin Milioti, she's a great actress and despite her short time in the show really made you like "the Mother".


I just can't believe how bad the ending was, I mean they wasted about 20 episodes on the wedding and they break up in the end. All that character development is then gone and Barney ends up having a love child with some random bimbo.

If they really wanted a sad ending why didn't they end up killing Robin off instead which would of added more development for Barney.

Series 9 should of spent 2 episodes on the Wedding and the rest of the series should of focused on Ted and Tracy with the final two episodes being on their wedding.

Least then the spin off could of featured Cristin Milioti and showed us her side of the story instead of having an episode wasted on shoving all that stuff in 20 minutes.

sjaakiejj2406d ago

A sad ending? The ending was never meant to be sad. The whole point of it was to explain why Ted had taken 9 seasons to talk about the mother, in which the only thing he really did was talk about Robin.

colonel1792405d ago

I totally agree with you Fox! They ruined everything only to have the last second of the ending. That was complete BS.

Barney had grown much more as a character than to go back as he used to be. Which also contradicts because the way he was at the beginning of the series, he would never have a love child with some bimbo.

They also ruined Robin, because she would have never left the group for the job. He would have never lost touch.

They ruined Ted because he would have never gotten over her wife because of the way he is. He was always so romantic and how he was portrayed the entire series!

I don't know why the let the writers come up with this ending! It was lazy and it was obvious that it was the ending they recored after season 1 or 2 in case the series was cancelled. If the series was cancelled then, it would have been the perfect ending, but after 8 years?! When they spent all those years developing the characters (specially Barney which had the most growing up?)

Garethvk2407d ago

The last season was all over the place and wasted time on things that did not need to be done. They teased the mom for all those years but then hardly gave her any time with Ted. I did like the finale save for the sappy ending.