TVF Arrow Review: Never Surrender

There has to be a least favorite hour of the season, and Arrow Season 2 Episode 21 just perched itself nicely in that spot.

There are a lot of things that just didn't sit well, while two women were given the chance to shine. The timing was off for a lot of the events in this installment and we were met with Oliver doing his "go to" trick: running away.

If all goes well, this will be the last time Oliver disappears into himself, brooding and feeling sorry for himself. He's supposed to be a hero, dammit.

He already had his sulky period at the start of Arrow Season 2 when Felicity and Diggle had to go swinging through the jungle to find him. Enough already!

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alycakes2462d ago

He should have been at the funeral to show that he wouldn't be beat down by Slade. I know he was in pain but he should have tried to be stronger.

sjaakiejj2462d ago

It wasn't just pain, he had lost hope. The reason that he didn't show up at the funeral was because he believed he was beaten down by Slade, and that there was no way out but his death.

I felt the episode was quite good, and I look forward to the finale.

alycakes2459d ago

Yes, the finale was awesome. I just feel like he would hate himself for not going later on.