The Depths of Netflix: Storage 24

Entertainment Buddha's Nick Hershey writes, "When asked to think of a terrible movie you’ve sat through, I’m willing to bet at least one or two come to immediate mind. We’ve all sat through them, beginning to end. Whether it was a forced viewing of a sappy, cliché rom-com with a significant other, or one that you thought might actually be good, and were determined to stick it out to the end because it cost eleven bucks.

Fortunately in this day and age, we have Netflix to help us. There are tons of movies few of us have heard of and the fact that it costs less than most movie theaters, it’s easier to take a chance on a film and possibly find a hidden gem.

However this post will not be about the gems. This is about the poorly scripted, poorly filmed, poorly edited movies that linger in Netflix purgatory. These are the Army Pete’s of the movie world. The ones that might not have even made it to a theater, and what once was straight-to-video is now straight-to-Netflix (not to be confused with Netflix’s original programming).

The first such endeavor is a little film called Storage 24."

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