First Impressions From Tom Hardy-Led ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Roll In

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With production kicking off in the summer of 2012, George Miller‘s Mad Max: Fury Road will finally be hitting theaters nearly three years later, following a lengthy post-production, one complete with reshoots. While we have yet to see any glimpses of the final product, outside of some snaps of Tom Hardy on set, Warner Bros. screened the film for the first time in Burbank last night and the first impressions of the post-apocalyptic actioner have landed, along with a new synopsis.

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Crazay2460d ago

After all this time, I have to admit I was getting a little on the nervous side that this might be a huge. Nice to see that it's getting some early praise.

Anthotis2460d ago

Looking forward to this. I hope Tom Hardy does a good Aussie accent.

barb_wire2460d ago

Bit premature for this isn't it? The movie's not even coming out until May 5th 2015, a whole year from now.

OSIRUSSS2459d ago

Woah, I thought Sam Worthington was in this?