Blu-ray Review: Star Trek: Enterprise - Season Four | The Man Cave Cinema

Say what you will about J.J. Abrams and his affinity for lens flares, but the man sure knows his way around sci-fi. After just two films, his version of Kirk, Spock and the rest of the classic Enterprise crew has already left an irrevocable imprint on moviegoers. But pretend for a moment that you've commandeered control of a Borg sphere and have used it to time travel back to Earth, circa ten years ago. The Star Trek universe was a very different place a decade ago, with not a J.J., a Chris Pine or a Zachary Quinto in sight. So, what significance does the year 2004 hold for Trekkers? It was the year that the fourth season of Star Trek: Enterprise premiered, spelling the end of eighteen years of Star Trek on television.

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