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TVF Fargo Review: Idiots

Lorne Malvo's car crash and pit stop in Bemidji is beginning to look like his downfall.

He's proven to be a clever man very good at his job, but the accident was not part of his plan and it's left a trail for Deputy Molly Solverson to follow. She's on him for the death of the boxer clad accountant and now with Gus Grimley's help, she may be able to pin the murders of Sam Hess and Chief Vern Thurman on him as well.

Fargo Season 1 Episode 3 provided a shift in the tale from being entirely in Lorne and Lester's favor to providing the impetuous for their capture and punishment. Though, since this is Fargo, it's unlikely to be a clear path.

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alycakes2454d ago

Just the title of this episode explains almost most of them at one point or another.