Fox Drama ‘Almost Human’ Cancelled

Nellie Andreeva:
"I have learned that Fox has opted not to pick up a second season of Almost Human."

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alycakes2464d ago

I would have rather seen Almost Human renewed than The Following.

-Foxtrot2464d ago

The Following isn't that bad to be honest, it's fun to watch

Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy are fantastic actors and I hope James Purefoy gets a main lead as the good guy in a new show after the Following ends. They are basically Batman and The Joker, Batman decides to lock The Joker up even though he knows he'll escape in the future.

I mean people say it's too far fetch but then again it's just a TV show, in this "universe" maybe things are a little far fetched.

People would rather focus on what this show should be, not for what it is.

akiraburn2463d ago

Agreed, both shows are/were great, but from what I was seeing, The Following has an average of almost double the viewer numbers that Almost Human did. Although to be honest, if I had to choose one which would be renewed, it would have been Almost Human. The Following is a tremendous, amazing show, but as a fan of good sci-fi, I feel like shows along the lines of Almost Human are much less common.

They had established solid characters with deep backgrounds, they had a great cast, and there was so much still left to develop for that world. What's beyond the wall? How is a synthetic soul really made? Why was Dorian having those memories? Who exactly was John's ex-girlfriend, and how is she tied to everything from his past?

I tell you what though, I really do hope this series gets sold to Netflix. Or the potentially more clever thing for the Fox network to do, would be to push it over to FX or FXX for a season, and see if it holds similar numbers there (although that doesn't sound probable if they are cancelling it outright). All I know is, I'd be deeply disappointed if a single 12 episode season is all we ended up getting from that universe.

OSIRUSSS2464d ago

I never watched. Was this show any good?

alycakes2464d ago

I liked it because it was different and it had drama and humor. The characters connected well and the stories were good.

The Following is good but I'm really getting tired of them making the same mistakes over and over. They're grown'd think they had more sense and learn from their mistakes.

Spiewie 2464d ago

Never heard of it before hardly ever click onto Fox to be fair it's not a popular channel here.

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