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The Sinister Six Lineup Revealed?


It's no secret that Sony Pictures is looking to expand their big screen Spider-Man Universe and have already set Cabin in the Woods' Drew Goddard to write and direct the bad guy ensemble, The Sinister Six. Now, we've got our first hint as to exactly which supervillains are likely to be included in the lineup!

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Crazay2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Kraven is one of the characters aside from Carnage and Venom from Spider-Man that I really want to see. I was thinking Bautista could make for a really good Kraven.

Porcelain_Chicken2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Agree with Carnage and especially Kraven but Bautista? As in the wrestler? I dunno man, there's a reason he was given the role of the pretty much mute Drax in GOTG. My first pick has already been mentioned by OSIRUSSS below me.

Jeffery Dean Morgan is undeniably one if not the most underated actor in Hollywood. He both looks the part to a T and has excellent range to pull off pretty much anything. Plus he's never played anything similar so it would feel fresh xD

Crazay2456d ago

I hadn't really thought about JDM but then wouldn't he just be The Comedian with a fur coat?

alycakes2455d ago

I love JDM and he's a great actor and does great serious acting as well. I wish he would do more of it so people could see what he's capable of.

Porcelain_Chicken2456d ago

Haha so true!! xD Well how about Javier Bardem? Also a great actor who totally looks absolutely nothing like an identical twin of JDM.

OSIRUSSS2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

I always thought Jeffery Dean Morgan would make a good Kraven. Mysterio is gonna be cool.

MasterD9192456d ago

Great casting choice...partially because he kind of played that type of role already in Watchmen.

Deku-Johnny2456d ago

The fact that Kraven apparently has a big part in the ASM2 game was a big indicator that he'd be in SS.

Anthotis2456d ago

Green Goblin and Rhino are a given. I can see robotic tentacles and wings so Dr Octopus and Vulture seem certain.

Is the smokey mask supposed to point to Mysterio?

smashcrashbash2456d ago

Yeah Carnage is an unreliable psychopath.He can't be in the Six.He would be wondering how he could kill them all when they weren't watching him.

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