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Top 10 Arnold Schwarzenegger Films

The Terminator, Mr Universe, and former Governor of California is showing no signs of retiring (again) any time soon.

So, in a celebration of everything Arnie, WOW247's Jos Austin offers a list of the Austrian Oak’s Top 10 films.

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MrDead2458d ago

This has Jingle All The Way and Last Action Hero in the top 10 !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!...........?

What about Commando, Raw Deal, Red Heat, Twins, The Last Stand or Escape Plan? All of these are like F*****g Citizen Kane compared to Jingle All The Way and Last Action Hero.

Sandmano2458d ago

escape plan was so bad, predator and terminator 2 are arnolds best movies

Spiewie 2458d ago

Haha yeah what the hell is jingle all the way doing there lol

aDDicteD2458d ago

Jingle all the way should not be included there are more arnold films that are superior than that movie in fact that film is one of his worst films i can remember.

i think his best portrayal was in the first terminator film not the second but anyway it is so close.