The Playlist Review: The Quiet Ones

The Playlist;
It used to be that you knew what you were going to get if you were watching a new horror movie produced by the British studio Hammer. Back in the '50s, '60s and '70s, Hammer was responsible for a string of successfully stylish scary movies, many of them starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. These were movies that were known for their emphasized artificiality and outrageousness—they were theatrical, provocative and bold; much sexier, funnier, and more colorful than their stateside cousins. So it's even more disappointing that Hammer's new movie, "The Quiet Ones," the latest in a handful of releases the company has put out since their reorganization in 2007, is so drab and flavorless. While the movie is not without its charms, there's nothing indicating that it's actually a Hammer movie.

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