Arrow Season Finale Scoop: Who's Coming Back

Well, hello again, Nyssa!

Remember when Sara left at the end of Arrow Season 2 Episode 20 and said she was going to see somebody? We'll find out soon that somebody was Nyssa, one of the League of Assassins.

With Oliver reeling from the murder of his mother by the vindictive Slade, he's going to need all the help he can get going forward, as things look more and more dire for those in Starling City.

"When you're fighting an army, you need an army," Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg said at a recent Arrow screening, confirming that Nyssa will appear on the May 14 finale as an ally.

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alycakes1885d ago

Yes, he is going to need help and he's going to need help that's willing to kill the bad guys because there's going to be an army of them that Slade created.