It's Official - Zack Snyder To Direct 'Justice League' & We Know Rumored Release Date


It's confirmed! As we first broke back in January, the Justice League movie will indeed follow Batman vs Superman! Ben Fritz from the Wall Street Journal is also reporting that Zack Snyder is officially on board to direct Justice League! Henry Cavill is expected to return as Superman, along with Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and Ray Fisher as Cyborg in 2016’s Man of Steel sequel tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman. Other Justice Leaguers should be announced soon.

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DarkBlood2455d ago

Sweet plus that explains the injustice sequel from neatherrealms instead of making the next mortal kombat probably for hype reasons if any. Not that I have any reasons for complaints im actually abit excited about the whole thing

-Superman-2454d ago

Man of Steel was bad movie. It had no story or emotsions at all. First 1hr he was trying to find Superman suit, when he found it, then Zod came to planet and started to killing people. So last 1hr is all about action. BAD STORY.
Zack ruined movie.

PSVita2454d ago

I completely agree It was dull and way too over dramatic. It didnt need the broken flashbacks every 5 minutes and there's no character development... The writing was terrible and it was just an overall BAD movie. Oh and that ending....

frelyler2454d ago

Learn proper grammar then maybe your opinion will count.

DarkBlood2454d ago

Thats your opinion on the movie man. Also the grammer dude you got to work on that

-Foxtrot2455d ago

So let me get this straight Zack Synder is directing the Justice Legue film aswell as the Man of Steel films....however Warner Bros wouldn't let him cast HIS choice to play Batman, Josh Brolin because they wanted someone else to play him. I mean at the time you understood, why would WB let Zack choose his Batman when he's only doing Man of Steel films, but now thats directing the bloody Justice League films it throws that outside the window.

Anyway it's still too soon. They are using Batman/Superman just to build this film up when we should of had Man of Steel 2 next just on Superman, then a Batman film, maybe a Wonder Woman film THEN the Justice League film.

Crazay2455d ago

I think they could have had a team up of WW/Batman or even the Flash.

Seems that the rumors of Henry Cavill telling someone that he was going to be around Michigan for the next 2ish years is true. I'm looking forward to this.

XTGamers2455d ago

Well I suppose despite him helming Justice League they went with Affleck 'cause they want him to direct the Batman movies, not Snyder

coolbeans2455d ago

"So let me get this straight Zack Synder is directing the Justice Legue film aswell as the Man of Steel films....however Warner Bros wouldn't let him cast HIS choice to play Batman, Josh Brolin because they wanted someone else to play him."

Those two aspects are so loosely connected. The studio/casting directors may not have gone with Zack Synder's first choice for Batman--something that happens all the time out there anyways, but that doesn't mean the studio doesn't admire his skills. Personally, I think he has one of the coolest visual signatures of all the recent superhero directors.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Whaaaaaaaaat? Ok now you're just making stuff up, Brolin turned the role down due to creative differences. It's all over the internet.

Porcelain_Chicken2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Links broken. Either way you're right & Fox already knew it, he just loves to troll these Bats Vs. Supes boards. He gets pissy about how they didn't hire his fancast like the very inspired Mark Strong as yet another bald bad guy for Lex. He then gets pissy about Gal not looking like WW but then turns around and says Affleck isn't right for whatever opposite reason. There's no reasoning with this guy, many have tried & all have failed.

On topic, I'm fine with Snyder but please WB no Goyer. At least no Goyer by himself. Goyer's a good idea man but he's bad at putting those ideas into a decent working script. Get David Hayter, the guy penned Watchmen and X-men 1 & 2 beautifully. That man understands Superhero ensembles.

Soldierone2454d ago

First part of comment:

Ben Affleck has been basically begging WB to let him do something with Batman. It's obvious WB probably was already working out a deal with him, so they turned down Snyders choice while that worked out.

Second part of comment:
Why? WB doesn't have as much success with stand alone films. They already established Batman, Superman, and even Green Lantern. Why not start doing cross overs and do something that Marvel isn't already doing?

Cross overs to me seems a lot more exciting than stand alone WW, Cyborg, and Martian Manhunter films for years before actually seeing Justice League.

Porcelain_Chicken2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Affleck wanted to do something Batman related? I read that Affleck tried to beg WB off being Batman in BVsS before Zack convinced him. Especially after Affleck swore of Superhero flicks post-DD.

Also WB has had great success with solo films. Man of Steel tripled it's money with almost 700k. Watchmen did ok bringing in 185k, 1 & a half times it's budget. Most Reeves & Burton films did well enough and the Nolan films were the first ever Superhero movies to both cross the billion mark and win an Academy award. Sure they've had some stinkers like Green Lantern, Catwoman and Constantine but don't demean their good deeds x)

Soldierone2454d ago


You can look it up, Affleck has been trying to direct or write a Batman film for years. WB finally gave him the chance to be Batman, why would he turn it down? It will be the biggest role of his career, so all his downplaying of it is nothing more than show. "Yeah only if its good I'll do it" AKA "sign me for 10 films, I'll pretend each one is ground breaking!"

And WB hasn't had great success. Marvel will release Gaurdians of the Galaxy to great success. It isn't just Spider-Man and so on doing well, its Thor, Iron Man, Ant Man, etc....

DC has only had great success with Superman and Batman, thats it. Green Lantern barely got by. The other films were not marketed as big superhero movies and got by fine. Other stand alone heroes did just like Green Lantern and BARELY made it through.

Your best bet at that point is to tie them in with Batman and Superman (their leading franchises) and make these other heroes look awesome and attractive there. That will basically market them on their own. It's a reversal of what Marvel is doing, and it will be their best bet.

Porcelain_Chicken2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Sorry man i found nothing on him wanting to direct Batman. Can i have a link? Also i'm %100 sure Affleck didn't wanna be Batman before being cast. Here's an article, I hope it works i'm rubbish at making links lol

And if that link doesn't work well just google 'Even Ben Affleck didn’t want Ben Affleck to be the next Batman in 'Batman vs. Superman'. It's in a website called I was right.

As for the rest of what you said. If you say so lol.

DarkBlood2454d ago

I read the films are being shot back to back which is pretty cool at least it isnt the marvel formula while it makes sense it doesnt for justice league as far as I know there isnt any single item connecting the characters together

MasterD9192454d ago

I think DC films are allowed to proceed this you really have it in you (as well as the actors) to put 8 years worth of build-up for just one film? This may be considered cutting-corners, but I personally believe that this will lead to a HUGE film that will overshadow the Avengers.

Batman + Superman have never before been on screen, plus the Justice League itself? Win-win with endless potential for those spin-off films you were referring to. This is starting off with a bang, unlike Marvel (that successfully was able to get away with a slow build-up). Fans want it now, not later.

RetrospectRealm2454d ago

Making it all

MoS 2
Wonder Woman
Justice League

is WAY too much like Marvel. You need to understand they have to bring something different to the party. Copying Marvel, no matter how much people think it would work great, is just a straight up dumb move.

Iron Man
Iron Man 2
Captain America

Yes, I know I got the order of release wrong on the Marvel films.

UltraNova2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Then you and I may friend would be 80 years old by the time we see the goddamn Justice League movie... Nevertheless I agree with all your points.

And Batflec? Jesus.. boy I will be glad to be wrong this time..

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Adva2454d ago

Why does everything has to follow the Avengers formula?
Individual Movie > Assemble.

Who is to say that Assemble can't lead into individual movies? Superman part is established, Batman and WonderWoman will be established. Other heroes like Cyborg and yet to be announced players will play a minute or two of cameos so that they are atleast mentioned in SvB. Then in JL movie they are born.

ironfist922454d ago

You build hype, develop backstories, and get the audience familiar with the characters before throwing them into a film which focuses purely on the action and doesnt need extra baggage.

Its why the Marvel films worked and are succesful, and DC are trying hard to play catchup.

I mean, even the comics started the same way. Individual stories, then you build a team.

Genki2454d ago

Looks like this franchise is dead in the water now. To this day, Snyder's only good film has been his first one, and presumably because he was kept on a short leash. Ever since, studios and producers have more or less let him run amok, and run everything else he's touched into the ground.

Sad, because there's so much potential for these characters to shine, but not with Zack Snyder driving the bus. Baffling how WB could ever think to entrust this guy with adapting their most important comic book properties, especially after striking gold with someone like Nolan.

ironfist922454d ago

Superman shouldve gotten his own solo sequel at least, or even a trilogy, then a World's Finest which isnt title Batman VS Superman, and then you have Trinity which throws Wonder Woman into the mix with a brief backstory, and THEN from there you can have Justice League, or a solo Flash and Aquaman film before then.

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