Marvel’s Joe Quesada Disappointed In Man Of Steel, Says It Made Zod The Hero

Marvel Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada weighed in with his thoughts on the competition’s Man Of Steel, which rebooted the Superman franchise.

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maniacmayhem2454d ago

It didn't make Zod a hero, it just didn't make him some one dimensional hero who just wants to take over the world.

I liked Man of Steels take on Zod. He was a patriot with very fascist, almost Nazi ideals for his race. Which clashed with not only Superman but would be very bad for everyone else who is not Kryptonian as evident in the movie.

Zod was not going to leave Earth, I mean c'mon Zod makes it very clear that he is going to terraform Earth and kill everyone it to rebuild his race.

Of course Superman is going to choose Earth and not Krypton, even though he had a shi##y childhood he's still thinks of himself an Earthling, not Kryptonian. And He knows being ruled by Zod will still be a bad thing.

Joe Quesada can go bang himself. He's so off the marker its hilarious.

Soldierone2454d ago

I've been commenting on the article itself, but I'm basically saying he is wrong.

Superman says multiple times throughout the film "we can learn and live together as one" offering Zod to live there like he did. Zod says no, and destroys the city.

Also at the beginning of the film it shows that Zod helped destroy the planet, has a track record for it, and will not stop doing it. Krypton was corrupt and didn't deserve to go on, which Superman states multiple times too.

Right down to Zods death Superman yells "don't make me do this!" So I don't see how Zod is possibly the good guy at all.

Simon_Brezhnev2454d ago

I wonder how Joe Quesada felt about Mandarin in Iron Man 3 since he's talking about competition.

dota2champion2454d ago

Zod was Kryptons Hero. What he's saying makes sense. Zod wasn't a true blue hero, but he's at least an anti hero from a certain point of view.

StarWarsFan2454d ago

I see where he's coming from.

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