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Junkie Monkeys’ Top 15 Banned Cartoons (15-11)

Junkie Monkeys: Welcome to part one of Junkie Monkeys’ Top 15 Banned Cartoons list! Over the course of the next few weeks we will be counting down our top 15 banned episodes, or scenes in some cartoons you may have grown up with. Check out what made this week’s list.

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-Foxtrot2468d ago

Ah the days when Cartoons were actually good and didn't rely on randomness to be funny.

X-Alchemist2468d ago

I already knew about some of these but not all of them, interesting read ; )

RetrospectRealm2467d ago

Should've just made all 15 in one article. Like, come on man.

ArtificiallyYours2467d ago

Lazy writing, but yeah Dexter was something else.

level 3602467d ago

Tiny Toons was just excruciatingly horrible.