More Jurassic World Set Photos Reveal New Visitor Centre?


As production on Jurassic World continues to heat up on the tropical island of Hawaii, more and more on-set photos are making their way online. Yesterday, director Colin Trevorrow and crew filmed what seems to be one of the opening sequences for the film, in which Helicopters chauffer guests to the new park, - very reminiscent of the opening sequence in Jurassic Park when we're first introduced to Isla Nublar. Thanks to our friends at Reel Tours Hawaii, we've got a few new photos to share, of film crew in Helicopters, gathering aeriel shots, most likely for a similar opening shot of the island as the landing pad comes into view.

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aDDicteD2462d ago

amazing. they really are going to make a great sequel this time around. i am excited to hear more on the dinosaurs involved.