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Jason Momoa Joins ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Cast


Jason Momoa has been linked to Batman vs. Superman since late last year. Since then, Momoa has denied having any involvement in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel. He even told MTV’s Josh Horowitz that he could punch him in the face if the rumors were true. Well… it looks like Josh Horowitz gets to punch Jason Momoa in the face!

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ironfist922456d ago

Vandal Savage maybe. He looks the Caveman part.

dota2champion2457d ago

Rumor is that he'll play Aquaman and he doesn't even look like Aquaman. I did some googling to find Justice League villains and Jason Momoa looks like King Kull. Maybe the villain will be King Kull

Crazay2457d ago

I don't know that he'd want to do a character like that. He's been type cast as a barbarian like guy with little to no dialogue and he's even stated as much.

Adva2456d ago

He could be the Martian.