The Problem with Hulk Movies - How to Make a Good One


I finally got around to watching the incredible hulk, a very watchable film but with 1 major flaw.

One reason people liked the Hulk so much in the Avengers is because the Hulk was actually the bad guy. Now Whedon is obviously a comic book nerd because the 2 villains in Avengers issue 1 was the Hulk who was tricked by Loki into rampaging and a random group of heroes got the call instead of the Fantastic Four.

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dota2champion2463d ago

The first hulk movie sucks. The 2nd was really good. the article has a good idea on how to make a good hulk movie imo

aDDicteD2463d ago

the proposed story would work and it is clearly done by a hulk fan. the second film to me is already ok, but when i read the article i realize that it could have been a lot better if bruce banner cannot contain the hulk yet and if the destruction of the hulk is more darker, but of course that will not happen now disney is in charge but a more darker version would be the best version.