Tom Hardy On Ben Affleck As Batman: ‘I’m Loyal’ To Christian Bale

HWL: Tom Hardy, 36, looked clean shaven and extremely handsome at the April 22 NYC premiere of his latest flick, Locke. But because everyone still remembers Tom for his role as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, he was eager to tell EXCLUSIVELY how he feels about Ben Affleck donning the crusader’s cape for the upcoming movie, Batman vs. Superman. As a bonus, Tom also chatted about his upcoming role where he will be portraying Elton John. Imagine that!

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Yi-Long2463d ago

Not me. The movies are pretty good, with The Dark Knight clearly the best one, and TDKR the worst of the three (for me), but I've never really liked Bale as Wayne/Batman.

I'm not saying Affleck will be an improvement, cause I have no idea how he'll do and how the movie will be, but my favourite choice for Bruce Wayne was always a (younger) Joaquin Phoenix.

aDDicteD2463d ago

christian bales performance in batman begins was the best portrayal of batman in the movies.