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32 Most Shocking TV Deaths


''Arrow,'' ''Good Wife,'' ''Walking Dead'' (three times!), ''Grey's Anatomy,'' ''House of Cards,'' and more series that bumped off characters we didn't expect to lose (SPOILER ALERT!)

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dota2champion2461d ago

Lori and Dale death in the Walking Dead weren't shocking at all. Everyone was glad that Lori died, no one cared about Dale. Shane death was the only shocking one in Walking Dead because he was the only one with a brain in the group.

From that article, Ed Stark was the most shocking for me. I thought he was the main character.

aDDicteD2460d ago

The Red Wedding from game of thrones season 3. i have not read the book so i did not know what would happen and by not knowing it, i really love the feeling being surprised.