Star Wars Spin-Off Rumor: Boba Fett Challenging to Adapt into a Protagonist

Making Star Wars:

We have a very minor rumor to share about Boba Fett from the Executive Breakfast that took place in Florida today at Disneyworld. While there still are things we haven’t been able to confirm from the breakfast, we did hear some chatter about what was discussed openly during the most important meal of the day.

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Crazay2469d ago

I'm the first one to admit that I don't like Boba fett. I just don't get the attraction to his character. For me I could care less about what they do with this character. Keep him a bad guy, make him a good guy. It doesn't matter.

gigoran2468d ago

He is a mercenary. A gun for hire. A bounty hunter. An assassin. Make him a good guy and you basically ruin any official media he has appeared in before.

But then again... from the stories that have been going around, it seems they have already modified him unforgivably.