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Arrow Showrunner Andrew Kreisberg On Tonight’s Series-Changing Twist

CB: Last week, Arrow writer and Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg joined reporters for a screening of “The Man Under the Hood” and “Seeing Red.” Because of the wildly spoilery nature of tonight’s third act, nearly nothing people asked was usable at the time, but now that it’s out there, we can share some of the conversation.

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Simon_Brezhnev2468d ago

I really didnt see that coming. I wonder if she was going to say Merlin is with the league or still alive. Either way Slade got a new enemy.

calis2467d ago

It was going to be he was alive.

TheSaint2467d ago

She was always going to die, Oliver Queen/The Arrow is an orphan.

Still a great show though, one of my favourites.

calis2467d ago

Actually good point on the orphan, never thought of it like that.