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TVF Fargo Review: Kinda Fuzzy

TVF:There's just something about Fargo.

It has an intriguing charm to it that just engrosses the viewer in this unique world of frozen tundra. While it's visually engaging, it's the individual characters' idiosyncrasies that have me hooked.

Any one of the characters would stick out on another show, but here they all just fit in together nicely.

Fargo Season 1 Episode 2 introduced two new fellows: Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench. They work for "Fargo" a.k.a. the criminal syndicate that Sam Hess was working with before his murder.

These weren't just a pair of stereotypical meathead mob men that came to Bemidji. Mr. Wrench is deaf, which added to their mystery and allure.

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