Wrestling Legend Hulk Hogan Will Star in Expendables 4

Expendables Premiere

It's been a busy week of updates so far. First we had news on Jackie Chan and Mel Gibson's 'Dragonblade' then we received word that Terminator:Genesis had started filming. Now comes another big piece of news.

Hulk Hogan has joined the cast of Expendables 4, BROTHER!

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Crazay2469d ago

If this holds to be true...that is AMAZING!

jordan84452468d ago

It's false, taken from an old Tweet where Hogan basically lied, way back in 2013. This is the same guy who said he was in Metallica.

aDDicteD2465d ago

if true, he would perfectly fit in the group.
if false, the film will still be action packed anyway.