X-Men: Days of Future Past Seemingly Confirmed as a Soft Reboot

CB: Fans who have speculated that the time-travel antics in X-Men: Days of Future Past, coupled with repeated assurances by producers that they’re fixing some of the mistakes of the original X-Men trilogy, means that the film will reboot the turn-of-the-century era films starring Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen, appear to be more or less on target, according to a new conversation with the film’s writer and producer, Simon Kinberg.

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RetrospectRealm1916d ago

What a cop-out. I didn't exactly love the earlier X-Men films either, but now I can't really watch them without thinking, "Oh wait, this didn't actually happen now".

-Foxtrot1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

I kind of like the sound of this since it means Jean and Scott can come back after what happened to them in the Last Stand but there's only one kind of means that they would have to try and keep the same actors going with their roles in future films.

Sure they could replace them, it's easy enough to but whats the point "rebooting" the universe when they could of just rebooted it altogether and have a brand new cast of actors.

It's going to seem weird if, for example, Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart stay on as Wolverine and Professor X for one or two more films but someone like Famke Janssen or Halle Berry are recast in their roles, then you could have it that if Hugh Jackman is recast and Patrick Stewart decides to stay on longer, your going to have one film where you have the original two together then the next it's a totally different actor alongside Patrick Stewart.

It's just going to look weird seeing different actors appear with one another for future films, as the actors come and go.

I mean can you imagine if, for example, Robert Downey Jr was recast in Avengers 4 but the other actors stay on, the new actor would look out of place with the old actors....if you get what I mean.

Best thing to do in my opinion is just make X men Apocalypse the last film in the universe and reboot it altogether with a brand new cast of characters.

Hopefully after X-men Apocalypse they will do a trilogy of the Phoenix saga...but do it properly. It's not something you can condense into one film. I would want to see it where by the third film Jean becomes the White Phoenix.

Question though

Would this mean the whole Weapon X program never happened to Wolverine or would things just happen differently. Hell I wonder if Wolverine will remember the old timeline in the films future.

RetrospectRealm1916d ago

I doubt they'd recast any characters. Don't know why you're thinking that. The Jean Grey actress was in The Wolverine, I'm sure it's in her contract to come back. Same with Cyclops. We never actually saw him die either. They writers said they made him go out like that so he could come back if they wanted him too.

When they say soft reboot, it doesn't mean completely reboot but with the same actors, it just means a little re-writing. It doesn't render the preview X-Men films complete obsolete.

-Foxtrot1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

No but they might have to in the far future if the franchise keeps going

Hugh Jackman has said recasting Wolverine is inevitable and I doubt all the actors would want to stay on unless they are given a huge pay check

gigoran1915d ago

Bingo! He's pushing 50! He is great and did the character justice (which is one of the only redeeming parts of these films) but nobody can be an action hero forever. Well... Arnie sure, but... ok Stalone too, but you can't... Dolph?

Ok, he could continue to 60 if the money were right. But he won't.

RetrospectRealm1915d ago

Ah, I see what you're saying. Definitely wouldn't be the same without this cast we have now.

gigoran1915d ago

Great! Or is it? One of the worst sinners of being unauthentic to the Marvel Comics was First Class, but it looks as though that movie is considered a part of this "new" film series. Yeah the 3 X Men movies were not perfect, but First Class with its rearranging of sibling ages for a certain pair of brothers, and making the whole "Professor X and Mageneto working together at the school for the gifted" last a couple of weeks really made me cringe.

I was honestly always looking forward to a film representation of Days of future past and Age of Apocalypse because they are 2 of the most famous stories from the X Men marvel universe, but now that they look to be re-imaginings... not so much.

MilkMan1914d ago

First Class was just that, classy and well told. Synger has a bizarre tinge to his movies. I cant quite put my finger on it. Nothing he does is spectacular, or memorable, hes been given every opportunity and hes squandered it. For him to come back to X-men is a failure in my eyes.
Let's see what he can do now that he had to beg and steal to get his directors chair back.
Knowing hes using the First Class cast made me cringe, I felt he tainted them.
I used to like him, but everything after Usual Suspects is utter crap. With exception to Valkyrie, which somehow just didn't appeal to general public. Maybe cause the cast play Nazis?

MasterD9191914d ago

Well I appreciate what First Class has done but no amount of reboots can fix what Wolverine: Origins did. That movie was an abomination and proof that FOX shouldn't have anything to do with X-men.

I would rather see a complete reboot as in give the rights back to Marvel (and Disney now).

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