The Goonies 2: Three Possible Storylines We'd Actually Want To See


The Goonies remains one of my earliest cinematic obsessions. I worshipped Richard Donner’s spunky, messy kids-on-an-adventure fantasy. I bought an Army bomber jacket that looked like Data’s and filled the pockets with "Booby traps." I begged my parents to vacation in Oregon, convinced I could stumble on a labyrinth of underground tunnels and caves. It was pretty unhealthy for a while.

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-Foxtrot2470d ago

"The Goonies Kids"

Thats one storyline I do not want to see in this, the majority of child actors today are terrible and not like the 70s - 90s actors which starred in films like the Goonies. Most child actors today make the films their in pretty cheesy and cringe worthy.

If they are making this and getting the actors back then I want it to focus on them, I don't see any reason to focus on a new audience for this film when younger kids probably don't even know what the Goonies is. The best thing they can do is focus more on the adults who watch the Goonies in the 80s. If it was a remake fair enough the younger audience would be the target but if the original actors come back I'd rather see it focus on the young adult - adult audience.