13 TV Shows on the Bubble: Which Will Burst

It's a dangerous time of the year to be a TV fan.

You're gearing up for a run of concluding episodes... only you're stuck on the precipice, unsure whether to brace yourself for a season finale or a series finale.

And this spring seems especially muddled, with ABC not having yet renewed (or officially canceled) a single series, for example.

Which shows seem particularly caught in the middle? Straddling the line between a permanent farewell and a summer hiatus?

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alycakes2470d ago

I put pictures of all the ones mentioned and there's only really two that I would really want saved but I'm sure there will be more than that. The Mentalist is great and I've always enjoyed it but if it's cancelled, I'd be okay if they ended it well and not with a cliffhanger.

I want to continue to watch Almost Human. I think they can do so much more with that type of story and I like the characters. The other is SHIELD because I also think that it's getting better and I still think they have a lot more stories to tell and more to explore.

As for the others, some are good but haven't really caught my interest that much where I just have to watch them.