What Makes Us Laugh: Step Brothers

From Cinelinx:

Let's not lie to each other, the selection of comedic movies the past few years have been lackluster. Our once go to comedic geniuses like Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey are creating some really unfunny comedies. Fortunately though, there is one comedy icon and duo that hardly fail to make us laugh and that is the team of Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. Since the dynamic duo's meeting and collaborating on “Saturday Night Live” to their film debut of Anchorman to now, they have been producing pretty solid and hilarious movies. Adam McKay usually is the man behind the camera directing and Will Ferrell stars while the both collaborate writing. One film of their in particular that is highly underrated and the funniest is Step Brothers. Fun fact, McKay actually wanted to write this as a drama but turned out I guess being too funny to be serious, I feel like it ended up benefitting way much more as a comedy anyway.

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