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24 Actors Who Almost Played Spider-Man

JunkExplorer: Here is the list of 24 actors who were almost Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Have a look.

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dota2champion2576d ago

MICHAEL CERA would of been perfect for spiderman. He' got that nerdy look for peter parker. Andrew Garfield looks like a douchebag, he could have played Flash Thompson.

Gohadouken2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Urgh , no ...
I always find it weird when people try to hunt down the biggest "nerdy looking actors" for Peter Parker .

That look was over the moment Peter acquired his powers . He was mostly depicted as rather handsome and more outgoing actually , yet retained himself and his scientific interests .

http://www.benreillytribute... (parker and his clone Ben reilly by Mark Bagley , one of the emblematic artists for spider-man books)

Todd Macfarlane's Peter !!! http://bajolamascara.univer... By Johnr Romita Sr ! John Romita Jr !! Humberto Ramos !

And even in the 90s cartoon he's a supermodel . Peter Parker has only been a "dweeb" in spirit and midst some peers , and everyman , because of his personality and strokes of bad luck , making him relatable and down to heart .. but he's always been depicted post Spiderman bite as gorgeous and athletic .

Seems to me , at least in looks , Garfield can easily fit the role .

-Foxtrot2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

"but he's always been depicted post Spiderman bite as gorgeous and athletic"

Lets been honest here though Garfield looked the same at the start of the Amazing Spiderman, as I've said in my comment below he looks like one of the bullies Peter Parker would of ecountered in high school.

They basically slapped a pair of thick geeky glasses on him and BAM, he's Peter Parker.

Peter Parker


Only difference is the glasses. I'm not a fan of Toby either but at least you kind of saw the change before and after.

Gohadouken2575d ago

As if it wasnt the same with Toby Macguire .

The comics version is getting buffed up and cooler through the bite , not having facial surgery . it's just easier to do with with drawn arts than with live actors that's all .

At least they got the banter and personality much better . I'm ok with the look , it fits for both imo ...

Again comics Peter is an handsome and athletic devil . Easily a Playboy actually . So nah i'm not down with the "he looks more like flash argument" . Garfield still looks scrawny as per the suggested age of Parker , and while good looking like most teens played by adults they wanna show you in movies and tv shows , isnt Brad Pitt .

Soldierone2575d ago

It's true and can also be held up by he fact Peter has all kinds of girls digging him post Spider-Man. I mean friggin MJ is a model (i think even currently?) at one point and he keeps her lol

Plus according to theories, Spider-Man is about going through puberty. So the whole opens up to women is true.

He wasn't buff, he just wasn't a dweeb like some people make it out to be.

viccrack2575d ago

agree . Andrew Garfield skzzz

-Foxtrot2575d ago


I don't like Andrew Garfield as Spiderman....BUT Michael Cera, are you bloody kidding me.

Michael Cera is a terrible actor.

viccrack2575d ago

really LEONARDO DICAPRIO as a spiderman .. I cant even imagine that :(

-Foxtrot2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Jesus Christ, the list for the Amazing Spiderman are all awful choices.

I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Radcliffe are the only decent ones in that half of the list.

I don't care what anyone says, Andrew Garfield is not good in the role. He looks like someone who would of picked on Peter Parker at school, I find it hilarious how in the film the only difference before he becomes Spiderman is the thick black glasses. It's like someone slapped them on him and went "Right you look nerdish now, your Peter Parker".

I think he does have the dialogue as Spiderman but that comes down to the script not him.

Toby Maguire - Better Peter Parker
Andrew Garfield - Better Spiderman

They need to go with an older Spiderman in the future.

I honestly would of preferred Radcliffe over Garfield

just-joe2575d ago

I think it would be hard for people to see Radcliffe other than Harry Potter. I'm aware he's done other movies, but the general public would only see him as such.

Baka-akaB2575d ago

I think Toby was an horrible Peter Parker personally . So yeah he encapsuled the "before" the powers look better , but the acting for both phases ? I'm not necessarily blaming him , as he's otherwise very good with better scripts in his hands ... but i sure wasnt seeing Peter Parker or Spider-Man .

Wich is why , even before the idea of a reboot , i only liked the action (mostly spiderman 2's excellent Dr Octopus Battle) and the supporting cast like aunt May , JJ jameson , and harry ( no not the horribly casted Mj) , and none much of the script and nothing in the dialogues .

ChrisW2575d ago

I also think Daniel Radcliffe could have been a good Spiderman. His looks and decent acting being a major reason... Except it'd be hard to get use to a British speaking Spidy.

GearsOfWar2575d ago

I believe Garfield is British. American accents are easy.

cruxito2575d ago

These is bullshit made up list, most of those actors makes NO sense, none of them can pull spiderman, and the AAA actors are just too damn good to play it.

and Michel Cera its a terrible actor, he and the guy taht played Mark Zuckerber on the FACEBOOK movie. There is more raw talent at a MTV reality show that in those two guys put together.

coolbeans2575d ago

"the guy taht played Mark Zuckerber on the FACEBOOK movie. There is more raw talent at a MTV reality show that in those two guys put together."

Jesse Eisenberg? Depending on the role, that guy can show great talent.

ironfist922575d ago

So you have hopes for him as Lex Luthor? Coz he cant be taken seriously.

coolbeans2575d ago

Like I said, it depends on the role. I've taken a wait and see approach when it comes to him playing Luthor.

Agent_hitman2575d ago

But for me Toby is still the best Peter parker.

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