Game Of Thrones Breaker Of Chains: Five Questions Raised

CB: Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones, “Breaker of Chains,” was a bit slower than the previous two. It was pretty light on the shocking moment, compared to previous episodes, and instead took some time to deepen the intrigue of the plot threads that were set into motion at the beginning of the season. That said, it still raised some questions for fans to ponder. Here are five of them.

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dota2champion2469d ago

did jamie knew joffrey was his son all along?

Baka-akaB2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Well yeah he did . Beyond the mandatory spousal duty , Robert and Cersei didnt have a sex life . With Jaime constantly getting busy with her , and suddenly 3 kids with the trademark blond lannister hair , it's a pretty easy guess .

Not to mention a sizeable collection of Robert's bastards popping up , all with black hair