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Netflix Will Raise Streaming Prices


Netflix will be raising prices for its streaming services for new members, the company announced today in its quarterly letter to shareholders. Existing Netflix subscribers would continue to pay the same amount they're currently paying for "a generous time period," with new subscribers paying a slightly higher rate.

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Crazay2468d ago

in my opinion, $10 a month for Netflix is more than reasonable. Especially if they continue to get deals in place where TV shows are a week behind or they continue to make high quality original programming.

Soldierone2468d ago

I got it again, after not having it for a few months, and still cannot find something to watch. Hopefully the original Marvel shows make me happy.

I don't blame Netflix. They have a pot of gold and every single other company wants it. Comcast (ISP's), Hollywood, even Starz threw a fit.

To me it's great that they are keeping prices low, I just wish there was a way to create more revenue for them to keep the service top tier at the same time, and they can deal with these greedy a-holes without raising prices.

Crazay2467d ago

The only issue with Netflix up here in Canada is our ISPs are continually pumping us and lowering our Data caps to increasingly lower numbers.

Soldierone2467d ago

Thats happening all over. ISP's are data capping Netflix trying to get Netflix to pay up "to fix it."

They paid Comcast, and suddenly Verizon and all these others started capping it waiting to get paid too. It's dumb.

coolbeans2467d ago

Wow...really? That's just BS.

Simon_Brezhnev2467d ago

Yeah you have to blame comcast, verizon, and others for the price hike.

Soldierone2468d ago

A big ole thanks to Comcast for screwing us over as usual. I'm not even a Comcast customer (thankfully), yet I still get screwed by their greed.

SaffronCurse2467d ago

I don't mind this. If it helps bring in more content to the service I'm all for it.