Vin Diesel Shares an Image of Paul Walker's Brothers on the Fast & Furious 7 Set


It was confirmed last week that Caleb and Cody Walker, brothers to the late Paul Walker, are lending a hand to director James Wan's Fast & Furious 7 in an effort to give the Brian O'Conner character a fitting big screen sendoff. Today, Vin Diesel updated his official Facebook with an image of the sibling pair alongside the following special note about his departed friend and costar:

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Soldierone2271d ago

One of them honestly looks almost identical to him.

TXIDarkAvenger2271d ago

The one on the right looks pretty spot on. I'm glad they can wrap Brian's story rather then just write him out or scrap it.

ironfist922270d ago

Lets just hope this is the final film.

I want a boxset.

Crazay2270d ago

It won't be - More are already in the works.

WitWolfy2270d ago

Wow the one of the right i identical, send the the other dude home.