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Fantastic Four Reboot to Be More “Gritty and Realistic” Than Previous Incarnation

HitFix: First thing's first. The new "Fantastic Four" movie is definitely happening. No delays, no recasting. Josh Trank's vision is going to come to fruition. That's the word from the movie's screenwriter and producer Simon Kinberg who was on the Baton Rouge, LA set two days ago and reveals that production begins in earnest in two weeks.

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-Foxtrot2465d ago

With the current cast I dont think they'll be able to make it more gritty and realistic. It seems like they are going for a more serious tone but judging by the actors it's going to come off pretty laughable at best. Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm



Says it all really.

gigoran2464d ago

That, and the issue with the Human Torch. I have nothing against the ethnicity of anyone. But just like people would be up in arms if they cast Ryan Reynolds as Blade or Johnny Knoxville as The Black Panther, it's the same for what they have done to Johnny Storm. It's probably going to be an "ok" movie, but it WON'T be the Fantastic Four. Just... a movie.

KingPin2463d ago

gigoran is right.

i didnt have a problem with them making kingpin being played by the late michael clarke duncan coz even though he was not white like the comics, he had the size and acting ability to pull it off not to mention whether he was black or white didnt make any difference to the core of the movie.

see i also wouldnt have a problem if it didnt interfere with core relationships within the movie. but for F-sakes, they are blood brother and sister. not adopted or mixed race. so cut that bull out.

its just gonna be another super-hero movie with fantastic four slapped on. might as well call it kick-ass 3: the next generation and release it straight to dvd/Blu-ray.

gigoran2463d ago

Couldn't have said it better.

anonjohn232463d ago

Black Panther has to be black. It's a huge part of his character history. Blade could be white, doesn't matter. Everybody wants to stick close to the source material? Okay. Then Sir Ian McKellen shouldn't have been Magneto. Scarlett Johansson shouldn't have been Black Widow. Robert Downey Jr. shouldn't have been Iron Man. Henry Cavill shouldn't have been Superman. Apparently though, only certain racial differences matter. So, Jews, Eastern Europeans, Italians, Irish, etc., all fall under 'white' and can play any 'white' character. Nobody is sticking to the source material. Nobody would have gotten upset if they cast some other white guy as Johnny Storm, even if he and Kate Mara (Sue Storm) had completely different ethnic backgrounds. But apparently the moment a black person is cast in a white role, everyone gets up in arms. In this version, the siblings will either be step siblings, adopted, or that off chance where siblings look nothing alike. But still, everyone is mad. The issue here isn't staying close to source, it's racism.

Lord_Sloth2463d ago

My only problem with Johnny being Black is that Susan isn't. Adoption doesn't have the same dynamic as legit siblings and this alters their relationship drastically. Changing the script to accommodate him being black means they casted a black guy for the sake of having him black.

I want siblings, dammit!!!!

gigoran2463d ago

But that's it, when it comes to race, some people seem to think it doesn't matter if a black man plays a character that is white, but those same people would be up in arms if a white man plays a character that is black. Talking racism, those people themselves are more racist than those they are complaining about.

The ones that dont want him to be the human torch are mostly saying so because we have grown up on this comic and all we want is a good representation of our beloved characters. There are 2 things to take into consideration; does the actor look like them? Can they act like them? This guy could probably act like Johhny, but it is impossible for him to look like him. So for us HE ISN'T! So this ISN'T a Fantastic Four movie.

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1Victor2463d ago

one thing for sure this movie is going to be a huge hit on torrets and a disaster at the box office