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Bryan Singer Dropping Out Of All Press For “X-Men: Days Of Future Past” For Foreseeable Future

BuzzFeed: Bryan Singer will not be doing any press to support his upcoming film X-Men: Days of Future Past, BuzzFeed has learned from sources with knowledge of the situation.
The decision is perhaps an obvious one in the wake of the legal nightmare Singer has found himself in, after a federal lawsuit was filed accusing the filmmaker of using drugs and alcohol to force a teenage boy to have sex with him in 1999. Singer has vehemently denied the allegations through his lawyer Martin Singer (no relation), who calls the claims made against Singer “completely fabricated.”

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Soldierone3213d ago

In my honest opinion, if this were true why did he wait it out until Singer got huge in the business to say something? If anything it's a money grab. Wait for him to make bank, then try to steal it. Yes steal it....

Anytime someone does something great, there are people that will never be able to do anything in their lives so they try to leech on for free money.

Looking at the guys excuses, he simply says "I don't know why we didn't sue him too...." He is just suing anyone with money that he came in contact with....

frelyler3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

I agree with you. Also, the age of consent in Hawaii and a large part of the US is 16, therefore people calling Singer a pedophile are wrong and misinformed. If anything it would be rape, but one has to wonder why the lawsuit took so long. I mean this is Singer's biggest movie in a long time and it is following right on the heels of superhero movies becoming huge business and movies like the avengers pulling in 1 billion dollars. I smell cash grab and it's really sad. Even if this consenting adult at the time was under the influence of drugs and alcohol they made a bad decision. It's like the girl in college who gets slammed, then wakes up and realizes people will think she's a slut because she slept with someone so she cries rape.

barb_wire3212d ago

Well, according to what been coming out - his mother did indeed file a report with LAPD - and they're the ones who did nothing, didn't even bother to find out if the allergations were true. It's also being reported that FBI were also informed but they didn't do anything either.

This guy's story might have merit and he's supposedly going to name more names too.

Avalanche3212d ago

i find it hard to believe that if you walk into the police department and say you got raped, nobody would do anything.

think about it.if i were to walk into a police department and tell them exactly what happened and have two witnesses there is NO CHANCE not one thing would happen.

what you mean name more names? as in name more people who raped him? i mean if it happens once, shame on them, if it happens more than once then you are obviously doing something.

Avalanche3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

im not sure if anyone has noticed Singers past leading men/woman in his movies.

Kevin Spacey is very secretive about his orientation
Brandon Routh has played many gay roles
Nicholas Hoult has had many gay roles
Portia de rossi is a lesbian
Ian McKellan...obviously

and the big elephant in the room.

Hugh Jackman, i personally think that he is a bisexual, this is just with the eye test for me. aside from marrying someone much older than him(Could be PR to keep him off people watchful eye) but the way he interacts and his past with stage acting(not saying all stage actors are gay) and whatever.

im obviously just creating conversation here and have no problems with any of these guys, and im not saying that any of these guys are gay. just talking with me film watch peers

3212d ago