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Happy Anniversary 'Kill Bill Vol. 2'!

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With the dire "Transcendence" opening today, and next week's big release coming in the shape of the Fox comedy "The Other Woman," you might think April isn't a great time to head to the multiplex. But ten years ago, Quentin Tarantino gave movie buffs a reason to flock to theatres in big numbers in the spring

On April 16, 2004 — can you believe it's been ten years? — "Kill Bill Vol. 2" opened, capping off the writer/director's epic saga. The anniversary gives us an excuse to take a trip back in time, so here's a lengthy, 45-minute chat with Charlie Rose. It's pretty good stuff, with Tarantino revealing right from the start he'd been working on a World War II script (probably "Inglourious Basterds") first, but it was getting too long and unwieldy, so he switched over to start penning "Kill Bill" instead. Tarantino is a lively ranconteur, so be sure to check that out. If you'd like, courtesy of Cinephilia & Beyond, you can read the whole damn script too.

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