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Red Band Featurette: Scarlett Johansson's Under the Skin

IGN: 17+ only! Scarlett Johansson goes Red Band in this featurette: "Under the Skin: The Alien World."

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Soldierone2469d ago

Is this an indie movie? Or is it an international movie?

The way it's put together, it reminds me of 80's (ish) style drama's.

BTW There is nothing bad in the trailer, it has Scarlett in her bra, thats about it.

RetrospectRealm2468d ago

Yeah, really wasn't anything 17+ ages in this. It showed a dude in full frontal, but anything offensive was shadowed.

Soldierone2468d ago

Really silly how these red bands work.

Edit out some violence, but still have a lot in it, and the trailer can play before a kids movie.

Have a guy naked, but nothing in view, and red band the crap out of it. lol Honestly didn't even really pay attention to that happening, thought it was red band simply because of Scarlet.

RetrospectRealm2468d ago

Yeah. I've seen rated PG movies with nudity in them. It isn't like excessive or close-up, but it wasn't done in a sexual nature so it was allowed.

Simon_Brezhnev2468d ago

Only in america Nudity is bad and guns is good.