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Patrick Stewart Teases The Fate Of Professor X In New 'X-Men' Movie

MTV: Could the leader of the mutant team really die again? Patrick Stewart will make his welcome return to the "X-Men" series in the upcoming "Days of Future Past," but as he explained to MTV News when he stopped by our offices, the resurrection of Professor Charles Xavier was something he had heard rumors about beforehand.

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-Foxtrot2470d ago

Even if he did die he would come back since Wolverine would be messing with the timeline.

I hope after Wolverine changes the timeline we'll see Scott and Jean at the end of the X men 3 never happened.

ElitaStorm2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Jean cant die she is a pheonix but i dont know about Scott, maybe Wolverine should save him

-Foxtrot2469d ago

Well the thing is if he changes the timeline a little then they could come out and say that things happened differently in X-men 2 so Jean never became the Phoenix in X-men 3 and she never killed Scott.

I always assumed though she never killed him, I thought the part of her still inside would of saved him before the Phoenix would killed putting him in the Lake in a psychic barrier like she did for herself.