Fox Has No Plans to Cross X-Men & Fantastic Four?

SchmoesKnow: As you all know very well, Schmoeville, Fox owns the rights to two of the biggest properties in the Marvel Universe; that of X-Men and the upcoming Fantastic Four; which is in the middle of a current reboot starring Miles Teller, Michael B Jordan, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Tobey Kebbell. The movie will be directed by CHRONICLE director Josh Trank.

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CursedHero2476d ago

Nice write up, and I'm glad they won't cross. You know, unless they make Apocalypse really good ;-)

thorstein2474d ago

Why would they? If they were to do a cross, it would be X-Men and the Avengers, not an untested Fantastic Four. FF is great for comics, not so much for the big screen.

-Foxtrot2475d ago

Glad they don't....the actors for the Fantastic Four reboot look horrible

SilentNegotiator2473d ago

Don't give up yet; I hear they recast Mr. Fantastic:

AnEwGuY2474d ago

It would make more sense for FF and Spidey to meet in a crossover, since they teamed up extensively in the comics. Maybe after Spidey gets his ass handed to him by the SinSix in TASM3, they could have him team up with FF in a crossover film to take them down.

gigoran2474d ago

GOOD! Please do not. If it were the original cast of the Fantastic Four movies I would love it. But not with this reboot cast. They have already messed up the origins and backgrounds of a lot of the X Men part of the Marvel Universe. Seeing as they are going to same to the Fantastic Four now, just don't. Don't make it any worse. What they have done to X Men is tolerable. Would have loved if they had stayed true to the comics with movies that are directly linked to popular X Men comic events, but will just have to like it for what it is.

MasterD9192474d ago

Mark Millar's tweet was from August 2013 and we still had stories in 2014 talking about the cross-over...

I too am glad that the FF abomination will not be crossing films with X-men. X-men is a convoluted mess as-is thanks to Fox. I find myself hoping that one day X-men and Spider-man get out of the hands of Sony & Fox.

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