5 Things We Want to See from "New" Doctor Who

The GCE writes: "With the casting of Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor, it seems inevitable that the series and the character are going to be moving in a completely different direction from when Matt Smith held the iconic role. As fans, we can’t help but try to push Moffat and his creative team in the right directions so we don’t see our favourite series crash and burn before our eyes."

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gigoran1885d ago

Ya know, being a hardcore Doctor fan having watched it from the black and white days till now, I was half expecting this list to be really poor and written by some kid that has only every watched the new series. But I was surprised that this list actually supports a lot of the things that make Doctor Who great. Respect to the writer.

SpectreStatus1881d ago

Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate your compliment!