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REVIEW: Sabotage (2014) | ManlyMovie

One of my biggest gripes with this movie is that Arnold's crew won't go down as one of the classics like Apone's crew, Dutch's crew or The Expendables, or even the McCauley gang from Heat. Rather, they come across as a bunch of easily forgettable noisy pests. Like in an earlier draft of the screenplay reviewed by ManlyMovie, a problem that hasn't gone away in the final movie is that it's almost like Ayer is trying too hard to make his characters gritty badasses. The character of Lizzy Murray (Mireille Enos), wife of Monster (Sam Worthington), is particularly overcooked. Count me out as one of the people who laughed at any of their dick jokes or pointless screaming. Near the start, there are two fart jokes inside ten minutes. Man... why?

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