TVF Arrow Review: A Flash of What's to Come

Felicity is calling some shots! Who saw that coming?

On Arrow Season 2 Episode 19, we saw Felicity take charge more than once, as she not only came up with the plan to blow up the Applied Sciences building of Queen Consolidated, she helped carry it out. She's a bona fide bomber now! You go, girl!

There were a lot of surprising character interactions and revelations here: Laurel connected the dots. Oliver learned about his father and Isabel. He admitted he could have cured Slade but chose to kill him instead.

Lance doesn't want to know who the Arrow is and Thea realized she has two mass murderers as parents. We even got a flash of Caitlin and Cisco who will be starring on the sister series with Barry Allen.

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alycakes2471d ago

That was an awesome episode last night. I thought to myself...oh good, the witch is dead and then...she opens her eyes at the end. How are they going to kill Slade and Isabel now?