Spider-Man Sinister Six Villain Could Become A Woman In The Movies

CB: At the German premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in Berlin, co-producer Matt Tolmach hinted at another potential member of the movie version of the Sinister Six, and also hinted at a potential gender swap for the character.

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Soldierone2474d ago

Not too worried about this one. He really isn't that much of an in-depth character and at this point they are not showing all that much respect in terms of following comics anymore anyways.

Baka-akaB2473d ago

He might not be the most important character of the spiderman mythos , but so far every attempt to remove Toomes or makes younger , the old vulture , failed massively .

He does have a decent load of backstories , and there is no need to make every spiderman ennemy someone with a deeply personal grudge , we do need just a few semi competent greed and power driven plain criminals , and Vulture and Shocker provide that .

I'm not especially worried , they know there are people up in arms at any change , and they know their previous attempts at more than an updated costume failed and generated even less interest (especially Ultimate Vulture) than the plain old Adrian Toomes .

It's just bored bloggers/jounalists trying to create stuff out of nothingness . They are proposing just an idea , and some producter is just saying "ok why not , but i'm not committed to that"

Hergula2473d ago

I will simply repeat what I wrote on an older post: Soon we will see an Asian Batman, A white Black Panther, A gay Spider-man, and a zombie Superman.

Now the change of genders? ** **** **********!

Soldierone2473d ago

Sorry, they make a storyline about Spider-Man being gay and I'm done with my monthly comic subscriptions.

Nothing against gay people, just leave my superhero's alone!

Hergula2467d ago

I fully agree with you, 100 %

extermin8or2473d ago

Surely it would be better to just replace him altogether with a female villian full stop....