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TVF Fargo Review: Yes or No

Poor Lester Nygaard.

This guy cannot catch a break. Nothing he does is good enough for his wife, he's horrible at his job, his brother demeans him and when he crosses paths with a bully from high school, it's torture all over again.

He's a downtrodden man hit from all sides, which makes him easily impressionable when he meets Lorne Malvo.

On Fargo Season 1 Episode 1, Lester's life changes forever. He goes from a screw up that his wife and brother despise to a man of action. Lorne is good at instigating trouble and Lester was just one of his many victims or perhaps a better word would be playthings. He's charming in a creepy way.

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alycakes3219d ago

It's definitely worth tuning in to. It's way out there but funny, weird, great writing....I really need to read the book.