TVF Person of Interest Review: Mr. Reese Goes to Washington

At this point on Person of Interest, expecting an episode to be just a basic case of the week is underestimating the show’s ability to weave together a story that is so much more.

Initially, the concept of Reese leading the charge and taking on a case with just Finch harkened back to the early days of Person of Interest Season 1.

Their banter in the car while watching the congressman and Finch’s wide-eyed expression as Reese fired on their mark so he could wind up playing a secret service agent fit in line with what those two have always done. Their methods might be a little unorthodox, and they get that extra knowledgeable help from the Machine, but they are there to save people.

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alycakes3153d ago

This is so good...I love it. They always have the most interesting cases to deal with.

SouthClaw3153d ago

I have been hooked from day one. The stories just get better and better and have some really good supporting actors who can carry their parts. It always keeps me on edge.

alycakes3152d ago

I know and now it's really getting interesting because something really bad is about to happen and there is no telling what that is or how it's going to effect them....not that it hasn't already done enough damage already this last episode.

SouthClaw3152d ago

John Nolan the uncle of Christopher and Johnathan Nolan plays his part really well. He plays the bad guy well. They have had really good strong bad guys with believable backgrounds. Elias was amazing.